Rule #1 Never be seen
Rule #2 Never get caught

Airily isn't too excited to follow the rules when humans move into the farmhouse her sparrow fairy family calls home. Tempted into the kitchen, Airily falls into the human boy's trap. Although she doesn't trust him, getting in trouble with Poppa is not on her agenda. She buys Josh's silence with a binding promise of friendship.

Then a deadly fae called a Cait Sidhe comes to the forest looking for a silver torc of great power. Airily's Poppa rallies the local fae against the evil, but get's kidnapped.

Airily and Josh must race against time to save Poppa and rid the woods of the ferocious killer. Between Airily's knowledge of the local fair folk and Josh's ingenuity, they just might have a chance.

AIRILY - Out Now from Filles Vertes Publishing